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What motivates you?

Why do you bother? Why do you try? What motivates you to get up every day and to try again when there’s absolutely no proof that you’ll actually get any further this morning than you did all day yesterday?

I’d like to hear from you. Yes, all of you.


  1. We’ve just spent some time talking about why mStoner exists–what our purpose is–and what we came up with was “strengthening education.” That really resonates with me: education has been deeply important to me personally and the reason I’m so passionate about what I do is because I believe that, in some small way, my work today will help a client better serve people whose lives will be changed.

  2. Making stuff is satisfying.

    Being useful feels good.

    Seeing tranformations happen in people and work and projects that you contributed to feels good.

    Also, I have a mortgage that costs money and a lady and dogs to feed and I like how food tastes and such.

  3. What a great time of year to ask this question Ron. I feel like I’ve been blessed with an incredible life, great friends and family, and I should give back that blessing in my work – both professional and personal.

  4. The awesome thing about working on the web is the immediate results. You can think of something, create and share it, within minutes see peoples reaction.

    The barrier to entry is soo low the only differentiator is creativity and quality. Being able to see a problem, figure out a solution and execute on it is a huge motivator for me. Not to mention the ever changing landscape of the web, on any given day someone can create something that changes the whole game.

    This freedom of creativity and immediacy motivates me.

  5. I’m doing this, because whatever you all tell me..I’ll be scrubbing out the names, of course, but I want to repeat them to my class tomorrow; as I’ll be sharing my own (sans whatever cynicism I’m sure it’ll be imbibed with…)

    I figured it might be an instructive tool, no matter what people say really.

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