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What’s your hook?

I’m whipping up a presentation and in the midst of it I had a thought back to something I watched when I saw someone else’s a few weeks ago.

Everyone seems to have a hook. Something that draws the audience into whatever they’re talking about and to “sell them” on whatever it is they’re talking about and why it’s important. It’s especially important when you’re talking about the web, because some people’s eyes glaze over when the web comes up, because they find it daunting.

I tend to have more of a “style” than a hook, because I’ve been speaking a long time and it’s usually about a bevy of different, unrelated issues. But others have a methodical style that works for them. What’s yours?

  1. I like this. I really enjoy letting people who I know have no web background or “feel” like they “know nothing” that this stuff “isn’t that hard” and that they can indeed do this stuff. One of the things I discovered at my previous institution once we implemented the new CMS is that people were amazed at how quickly I could train them to be competent and that it indeed made their lives easier.

  2. I tend to use a little humor. Really pepper in some of my personality. I find that seeming “regular” really helps, especially when discussing the web with those who may not be “web-people”.

    In my previous position as well as my current one, I give presentations to faculty and staff. Many of them have varying degrees of web knowledge:
    1. none
    2. basics
    3. think they know a lot b/c they can create a web site in Publisher, FrontPage or {gasp} WORD! :-(
    4. actually know a thing or two

    I find using a little humor makes everyone a little more comfortable.

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