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When people you know do big things…

It always trips me out when friends of mine go off to do great things. Not because I’m particularly surprised by it, because I knew they were awesome. It’s just a neat thing when you move on to other things and then have people doing things that make you smile.

Recently, a few of my friends from college have been doing all sorts of interesting things. Well they might have always been doing them. But it’s especially fun in recent times when I load up my RSS feeder and read what Dan is writing about or that Kate is headed to Olympic trials or that Wyatt is writing computer books.

That’s just a few of them and this sort of thing has been happening for years. But…it still never gets old.

  1. Yeah, not sure any of them would claim me ;) It’s cool…

  2. Very cool stuff. I feel the same way, although I’m mostly not in touch with any of the people doing cool stuff anymore.

    Like this guy who used to make perfect passes for me to bang home, when we played indoor soccer together in about 7th grade. :)

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