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Your personal best & 10 songs (1.16.09)

Something I was once told by an experienced Master Sergeant when I was in the Air Force that stuck with me was when I’d been through a particular course and while my performance was “the best” in the group, I’d most certainly come the farthest of almost any of them. I was recognized for my performance, was put in charge of our group towards the end of the training. I must’ve looked quite surprised and he came over to me and said (paraphrasing), “You don’t think you’ve done a good job here? Do you realize where you started from to get to this point? Everyone here is judged on their own merits, has their own goals and things to get through to succeed. You’ve succeed, so don’t look surprised. But don’t stop either.”

Ok, I paraphrased that so heavily that you can attribute that quote to me now. But the point is, your personal best is where you set the bar. Only you can know why you’re motivated how you are and the only person who can truly know what’s inside your heart is you.

1. Don’t believe the hype, especially your own.
2. Never believe you’re invincible, because you’re not.
3. Check yourself at the door and understand others.
4. Challenge yourself.
5. Don’t expect to fail, PREPARE for the success you seek.

Here’s some music for the folks who come here for that on Fridays.


  1. Good advice and nice tunes. Wasn’t too sure about that Mother Mother tune, but I stuck it out beyond the cacophony of scratchy strings at the outset and am happy I did. Now I’m on eMusic checking out that album, “O My <3.” Once again, thanks for sharing your ideas and your musical collection.

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